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Living in a Lily Pulitzer Ad

It’s March 29, and nearly every azalea in the garden is in full bloom.  One variety is especially spectacular.  I wish I knew its name.  I promised myself that this year I’ll root cuttings – I want more of this flamboyantly neon fuchsia in the garden.


In 1991 I planted a pink dogwood in memory of our third child who was stillborn.  This was my first attempt at planting a tree, and It Did Not Go Well.  Within a year or two, the tree was dead.  My stepfather told me to cut it to the ground.  He might as well have said, “Cut off your arm,” but I did it.  Miraculously, the tree exploded into life the following year, and now it’s nearly 20 feet tall.  It’s not exactly a perfect specimen – a large white dogwood nearby overwhelmed it and pushed it out of plumb a bit – but each year it has more flowers.  This spring they are stunning.

We still call it the Chelsea Tree.

The Chinese snowball – a farmers market purchase 2 years ago – failed to bloom last year. This year it is gorgeous. Each day the snowballs are a bit brighter and a bit larger. Here’s a January snowball:


And from last weekend:


A week later:

Finally, one of my favorite hostas in springtime, ‘Dawn’s Early Light.’ Although it emerges a glowing, vivid chartreuse, by summer it will be a rather ordinary green: