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Early Spring

A mild 2011-12 winter meant early arrival of spring.  Today is March 11, and azaleas are beginning to flower.  Daffodils have been in bloom for more than a month.  Tulip foliage is up.  Viburnum and chinese snowball are budding.  Tips of hostas are poking out of the ground.  I should’ve finished spreading pine needles weeks ago – I fear stepping on new growth as I work in the gardens.

Below, the ‘Orange Dream’ Japanese maple is already beginning to leaf out. This is one of my favorites, an Ebay purchase from 2 years ago.  Although it has doubled in size since I planted it, it’s not even 3 feet tall, and its adult height will be only 9 feet or so.  If it survives until then, it will be a knockout in the garden.  Its leaves are spectacular – chartreuse bordered with orange in early spring, bright green in summer, and gold in fall.

'Orange Dream' Japanese maple

'Orange Dream' Japanese maple