In 1988, my husband, 21-month-old son, and I (hugely pregnant) moved into the home of my husband’s former Italian professor and beloved friend.  In the nearly 50 years that Bianca and her husband lived here, she had created a beautiful landscape surrounding her Dutch colonial-style home, a landscape that we neglected for nearly 20 years except for necessary maintenance.   Now, with no more swim meets, soccer games, chauffeuring, etc., I have the time to devote to cleaning up the gardens as well as adding my own touches.

I’m learning as I go, and making some mistakes, but I hope that Bianca — who died in 1994 — and my late mother, a Master Gardener herself, would approve … or at least appreciate the amateurish attempts.

This blog is a diary of my efforts.  All suggestions are welcome.


4 responses to “About

  1. CC
    I’m so happy to find this! A lovely blog and I look forward to following it.

  2. Thank you, Nancy!

  3. Ruth A Murray

    Dear “Claire” (I am just giving you this temporary name, not knowing what your’s is….”fellow – gardener”), PLEASE PLEASE tell me the variety of oakleaf hydrangea you show in your blog. I am keen to know because I LOVE the look of the bloom pannicles tilting DOWNWARDS (rather than up). The shrub has a perfect habit for where I want to plant, but many of the oakleafs have cultivars with the blooms pointing up (like Snow Queen). But I really find the one you picture far more appealing. Hoping you will tell me!!! I really like your blog. Keep up the beautiful gardening and your blog! Thank you! Ruth in Silver Spring, MD

    • Hi, Ruth! This is just some ordinary hydrangea I bought off Ebay, believe it or not, 10-12 years ago. I can’t remember when I took the original picture, but it’s now >10 feet tall and at least as wide. I love it! (PS. My name is Cynthia but I go by C. C.) Have fun gardening! I hope to update my blog soon. It has been a long time.

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