Colors of Fall

My enthusiasm for the gardens wilted with last summer’s record-setting heat. And now, from the den’s picture window 2 storeys above ground, all I see are thousands of dull reddish-brown oak leaves (will seem like millions when I start raking), gray tree trunks, and some evergreen camellias and azaleas. But a walk through the gardens reveals some spectacular colors of the season and gives me hope for spring.


Japanese maple ‘Bloodgood’


Camellia or sasanqua?


Nandina berries


Oakleaf hydrangea


Leaves of the Japanese maple ‘Orange Dream’ turned from green to red virtually overnight


Japanese maple ‘Sango Kaku,’ or coral bark – a favorite – I have four of them now


Canna lily ‘Bengal Tiger’


The leaves on our neighbors’ beautiful maple turn red, orange, yellow and green simultaneously


Salvia ‘Mystic Spires Blue’




3 responses to “Colors of Fall

  1. Lovely! Thanks for reminding me that the beauty resides in the details.

  2. Roger Richardson

    Sorry for the late comment, but your update ended up in my spam folder. To your ? about the camellia; yes it is a sasanqua and I believe the cultivar is “Cleopatra.” The garden is beautiful. Bianca would be pleased.

  3. Thanks, Roger & Lynn!

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