Dogs and Drought

David and I went to Nova Scotia with his family for 5 days in the midst of one of the Piedmont’s worst heat waves.  Our kids watered the container plants while we were gone.  It didn’t occur to me that the long-established perennials, shrubs and trees would suffer as well.  Their burnt, shrunken foliage – along with the damage the dogs are doing as they dash through the yard – has made this my most discouraging summer in the garden.

Halcyon – April 15

July 22

Gift hosta from Roger and Lynn – April 15

July 22

Gift hosta from Mona and Scott – April 15

July 22

Mini Penny hydrangea – May 11

July 22

How a mophead hydrangea blossom is supposed to look in July

How it actually looks

This oakleaf hydrangea blossom should be pink

Yet I made the rounds of the garden centers last weekend to BUY MORE PLANTS.  I may be insane.

The hostas that I planted several years ago on the north side of the house – isn’t the north side supposed to be shady? – get fried every year.  My neighbor across the fence has sun-loving plants at that fence, and they look happy.  (I’m a little slow making these connections.)  With sweat running into my eyes and dripping off my nose, I moved the hostas to a shadier spot and replaced them with blackeyed susans, Russian sage, forsythia, and salvia.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for their survival as I water them every other day, awaiting a ground-soaking rain.



4 responses to “Dogs and Drought

  1. I know you are so sad to see all of your hard work suffering. My plants are struggling too,and some have died even with me trying to keep them watered. That SUN is just way too HOT!!!!

  2. You’re still my favorite gardener ❤ U CC !!

  3. Thank you, sweetie! See you soon!

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